Certificate in Database Administration

Learn to plan, configure and maintain databases using Microsoft SQL Server

The Certification in Database Administration is designed to teach students the use of SQL for retrieving and writing data in the database via GUI based SQL application as well as utilizing the command line of SQL.

On course completion, you will be able to:

  • Install, configure and administer SQL Server databases
  • Create databases, tables, views, stored procedures, triggers and indexes
  • Implement constraints on the tables and use of different data types
  • Troubleshoot and optimise database performance
  • Query data from databases using Select, From, Where, Group By, Having, Order By clauses
  • Work with sub queries and joins
  • Implement security, data replication and disaster recovery features
  • Create and retrieve XML content
  • Manage transactions and locks

Start Date

January 18th, 2016

Course Duration

12 Weeks

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma in Computer Support: Service and Networks (Level 5) or equivalent qualification
  • Or relevant industry experience
  • Access to personal computer for off-campus learning 

Domestic Course Costs

Fees: $7,416
Optional certification costs that students can choose to obtain: $442