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Sofias SFX Success

Sofias SFX Success

Sofia Bue|

Cut Above graduate Sofia Bue is truly making her mark on the creative industry. Her love for the creative arts started a long time ago. She spent four summers working at Legoland in Denmark, painting children’s faces. She arrived in NZ on a working holiday visa in 2009 which was extended when she gained entry into the Cut Above programme.

In 2011 she entered the New Zealand Body Art awards and won the “Best Emerging Artist” category.

“I entered with zero expectations, so was over the moon when I won. It is the achievement that I remember the most as it was such a massive turning point.”

“Cut Above created a good platform to practice in and the tutors were so good at helping me to go beyond the basics. They shared their experiences of the industry which helped prepare me for the reality.”

2012 saw another entry into the Body Art awards. This time Sofia competed in SFX Fantasy and came out on top with the “Supreme Award” and a job offer from Oscar award winner Richard Taylor of WETA workshops.

“WETA is exciting and it’s challenging. I have learnt so much from being there and it’s incredibly inspiring to be around so many talented people. In a lot of ways it exceeds my expectations and there are plenty of opportunities to upskill.”

Sofia has recently come back to Cut Above as a guest artist working with students in the same programme she once studied. Looking ahead, she would love to own her own gallery and open workshop to exhibit art and sculpture and allow people to witness the creative process first hand.

“I love NZ and consider it home. I do want to travel more, see some of the US and Europe to reconnect with the industry over there…but I will always be back!”

Sofia’s words of wisdom?

“This industry is hard work but if you love it, don’t hold back. Use Cut Above as a platform to try the things that you want to learn and build a portfolio. Believe in yourself, get noticed and take charge of your own education.”

Sofia’s Achievements

• NZ Body Art Awards 2011 – Best Emerging Talent

• NZ Body Art Awards 2012 – SFX Fantasy and Supreme Award

• World Body Painting Awards 2013 – SFX Makeup Award

• Through WETA has worked on; Chappie, The Hobbits 2 & 3, Amazing Spiderman 2 and Thunderbirds.

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