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Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson | Diploma of Business, Admin & Finance

“I feel like it changed my life, everyone should just go for it”, says Julie Hanson, a student who has been with Online Courses Australia for a couple years now. With Online Courses Australia, Julie has taken the reins of her career, and nobody is stopping her. By completing her Diploma in Business, Admin & Finance, Julie is keeping the ball rolling as she is now undertaking another course with OCA. With her second qualification being in Management, Julie continues to push herself and she absolutely loves the learning experience.

Being in the same job for over 27 years, Julie felt like it was time to venture out and try something different. Dreaming of a new direction, she knew exactly what she had to do. Learning everything she could’ve from her full time job, Julie took it upon herself to find an online education course that would give her a brand new set of skills that she could apply to good use.

“I completed my diploma in Business, Administration & Finance, just over 6 months ago. My wonderful teachers that assessed my assignments for me, Angela & Alissa, kept me on track. I received great support - they were always there when I needed that bit of extra help. I passed all my modules in the required time”.

Not only did Julie successfully complete her diploma, but after studying with OCA, she was able to leave her job of 27 years and begin her own small business! With a brand new direction in place, Julie is a prime example of how easy it is to change your life through studying. Now with a more independent and exciting career field, Julie feels like her self worth is at a high and she’s excited to complete her second qualification.

“I now have created my own business - Christjulesservices. This is a temp, admin/back office business. I have just finished up at Bridgestone Kyneton. I met with my first Client just recently, so I am on my way. I feel that with the completion of my diploma, I had a feeling of self worth and gave me an incentive to get out there and try something new. Thank you all once again.”

Good on you, Julie!

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