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Job Squad & Karen Casey

Job Squad & Karen Casey

Karen Casey | Diploma of Business Administration

In 2015, OCA Group launched the Job Squad division to assist students with post-study employment outcomes. 

The programme is free to all students enrolled in an accredited course and encompasses career planning, interview coaching, online branding via LinkedIn and a professional resume service.

Upon completion of the Job Squad programme, students are introduced to employment opportunities available via industry partnerships. 

Karen Casey joined Job Squad a few months ago as she was due to complete  a Diploma of Business Administration.

She was studying to help her formalise her skills and experience and secure a job having been looking for work since June 2013.

The Job Squad team broke the process down into four blocks. 

Step 1 – Career Planning

Karen lacked confidence. Job Squad helped her to understand her strengths and to have confidence in herself and her skills.

Step 2 – Resume and Cover Letter Review

Karen had a complicated nine page CV which Job Squad transformed into a much simpler two-pages  which better highlighted her skills. Karen was able to write a short, concise cover letter to replace her previous ‘wordy’ version.

Step 3 – Interview Skills

Karen struggled to answer questions in a clear, concise manner. With interview coaching she learned how to stick to the point and answer behavioural interview questions correctly.

Step 4 – Online Brand and LinkedIn Profile

Karen successfully created a great LinkedIn profile which showcases her skills, captures endorsements and helped her look for job vacancies.

Only three job applications later, Karen was successful in securing a full-time role which she started last month. 

"I am happy to inform you that I was successful in getting the job. I would like to take the time to personally thank you for heading me on the right track, allowing me to feel confident in my abilities.

Job Squad is a wonderful inspiration, coaching and mentoring service which came along at just the right time for me. I was able to sell myself quite easily and was informed from my new Manager when she rang to say I got the job that I interviewed extremely well."

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