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Jordaine Brogan

Jordaine Brogan

Jordaine Brogan | Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design

The first thing that  Jordaine Brogan designed and made was a leather handbag.  She was 11.

Fast forward 12 years and, now a graduate of the Design & Arts College of NZ, Jordaine is fresh from showing at New Zealand Fashion Week!

As part of the Miromoda Showcase, Jordaine presented a collection of men's and women's garments which included an original print inspired by her post-earthquake experiences in her home town of Christchurch.

She has come a long way from the leather handbag days.

"I only had leather scraps, safety pins and a hand sewing needle.  It was a hard task I set out for myself but I finished it and was extremely happy.  Unfortunately it was not a work of art but it was a start."

Jordaine says over the years the bag has been lost but she still has the very first garment she made ... a dress which still lives in her Mum's wardrobe.

Jordan gets her inspiration from anywhere and everywhere and cautions design students to be open to accepting ideas.

"My ideas come from all over from the gravel on the footpath to a city half way across the world.  My advice to D&A students is to always push the creative boundaries, don't be confined.

"I loved my experience at D&A, it paved my way to where I am today.  The knowledge, skills and support given by my tutors throughout my studies was invaluable."

And what's next for this creative and successful young designer?

"The next step for me is to continue to develop my skills ... I would love to head down the men's apparel path as that is where I feel most comfortable when designing.  I am also currently studying business.  Over the past few years I've also developed a passion for designing tree houses that are liveable ..."

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