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Looking Good & Feeling Better

Looking Good & Feeling Better

Has Bronagh Key joined the Elite International team?

Actually no.  Mrs Key hosted a Look Good Feel Better workshop at Premier House this weekend.

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a charity that works with women with cancer offering them, in conjunction with trained cosmetic volunteers, practical tips on hair styling and make-up that addresses the physical side effects of their treatment such as dry skin, pigmentation changes and hair loss.  

What's our connection?  Tutors and students from Elite's Wellington campus were on hand to donate their time to this extremely worthy cause. 

The weekend event was the eighth workshop the Wellington Elite team have been involved in and the second at Wellington's most exclusive address. 

Jokes about Mrs Key (in the middle of the pic) almost being in Elite uniform aside, Campus Manager Mary-Kate Coles (far right) says everyone involved had a great afternoon.

"One of the ladies came up to me just as we were finishing the workshop and said,  'You've made me feel so special'  and I felt like saying exactly the same back to her!"

"Our students consider it a privilege. Seeing what a genuine difference the skills they are learning can make for these ladies has a lasting effect, long after they graduate."

Ms Coles says the Wellington Elite team is presently organising a Pamper Me day for local LGFB volunteers.

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