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NZ Culinary Fare Countdown

NZ Culinary Fare Countdown

The New Zealand Culinary Fare is an opportunity for those in the hospitality and culinary sectors to show what they are made of.  It is one of the major events on the NSIA calendar.

As our Chefs and their hand-picked first-year culinary students are busy putting the finishing touches to their  creations that will represent NSIA at the national event in a couple of weeks time ... we must congratulate our hospitality achievers from the recent regional event.

Seven of our hospitality students competed at the Auckland Regional Culinary Fare and all seven came away with medals! One gold, five silvers and one bronze!

Trainer and former NSIA student Yamali Panjwani said he was extremely proud.

"They put a tremendous amount of effort into training day and  night and at weekends ... comparing their first day of training with their final presentation on awards day .. the difference was truly remarkable" 

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