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Student by day, beauty queen by night

Student by day, beauty queen by night

Li Meng is a young woman of many talents. Currently studying at Intueri’s hospitality and cookery school, NSIA, Li found time in her demanding study schedule to not only compete in, but take out first place in the 2014 Miss Chinese Cosmos New Zealand pageant.

The pageant has divisions all over the world and is sponsored by the major TV station Phoenix Satellite TV. Contestants are judged in a variety of categories including dance, an individual talent, the ability to answer questions concisely and overall appearance and presentation.

Li Meng feels that the pageant has really helped her to develop in many ways.

“I really enjoyed the process of change and I became increasingly confident…I don’t worry about flaws, I focus on the positives in myself.”

Li mentioned that the calm and collected outer portrayed by the contestants, masked the nerves and apprehension that were only apparent back stage. Her main concern was that things would not go as she had planned them. Despite all of this, Li has some great advice for young people considering competing in pageants.

”You do not need to be the most beautiful looking girl in the pageant, nor the tallest with the best figure…believe in yourself and give everything you have. Don’t give up!”

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