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NSIA at the 2015 Auckland Seafood Festival

NSIA at the 2015 Auckland Seafood Festival

Auckland Anniversary weekend 2015 saw a group of NSIA staff and students wow festival attendees at the annual Auckland Seafood Festival held in the heart of Auckland city.

A team of eight teaching staff and 12 students helped serve up a range of dishes across the three day event including a smoked unagi (eel), beetroot, watercress and yoghurt creation, a blackened fish tortilla with Pico de Galle, summer slaw and grapefruit/chilli mayo, and pulpo (octopus) in honey and balsamic with gazpacho caviar, Spanish olive soil and capsicum sofrito.

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The event was a great success with 1235 dishes being sold over the three days. NSIA’s Education Manager Jason McGeorge managed the schools contribution to the festival and received a fantastic response from customers about the NSIA offering.

“There were a lot of very positive comments like “this is the best food of the festival” and “your stall is amazing, it really stands out”. Many people asked where our restaurant was and were surprised to learn that we were in fact a cookery and hospitality training academy.”

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One customer, Genie De Wit, was impressed enough with her meal to blog about NSIA in her popular food blog “Bunny Eats Design”.

“My favourite dish was one from NSIA a school for hospo students. Pulpo in honey and balsamic, gazpacho caviar, Spanish olive soil, capsicum sofrito ($8). Pulpo is Spanish for octopus and this dish was filled with bite size octopi. Quite an adventurous and sophisticated dish, it really paid off. We also tried their Smoked eel, pickled beetroot, citrus dressed watercress and yum yum yogurt ($8). Also tasty and quite refreshing.”

All in all a very successful showcase of what NSIA has to offer. 

To read the Bunny Eats Design blog in full please follow this link. 

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