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Student success at Cut Above Academy

Student success at Cut Above Academy

Cut Above Academy is no stranger to student success and Kaleb Pritchard is just one of their shining stars. Graduating with a Certificate in Hairdressing Level 4, Kaleb has gone on to participate and succeed at a number of regional, national and international hair events. His self-proclaimed “most successful” moment was participating in the Wella Trend Vision awards held in Madrid, Spain. He remains actively engaged with the academy, taking classes and seminars with hairdressers in-training.

“Being a hairdresser means a lot to me and I recognise that it is an exciting career that you can do anywhere in the world. The individuals who make up the hairdressing industry have given me so much and this motivates me to try my best in everything I do. Plus…working with beautiful women is great bonus.”

Growing up in South Auckland, Kaleb recoginses his Polynesian heritage at times presents a challenge. He describes the tendency for Polynesians to be shy and laid back, both characteristics that do not traditionally lend themselves well within the industry.

“As we come from a laid back, island background, we tend to be shy and blasé. If you are like this in the hairdressing industry you will get left behind. This challenges me to step up out of my comfort zone and represent. There are not many of us in the industry so we need to get out there and pave the way.”

With this kind of attitude it is not hard to see why Kaleb has been so successful. It is very important to him that he doesn’t forget his roots and he has nothing but praise for Cut Above.

“I would recommend Cut Above to anyone thinking of becoming a hairdresser. The teaching methods, the interaction with the makeup dCutepartments and the opportunity to get seen by the industry make it much easier to succeed and to get into a job after graduating.”

 It is this attitude and feedback that Cut Above seeks in all of its graduates. Brand advocacy at its finest!

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