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NSIA graduate wins Chef of the Year 2015

NSIA graduate wins Chef of the Year 2015

“Always be eager to learn.” So says Himanshu (Shaun) Tyagi, an NSIA graduate who is taking the Auckland culinary scene by storm.

In August, Shaun received top honours at the NZ Chefs National Salon 2015, winning the Chef of the Year title. This title was open to all Chefs, not just students or new-graduates, and is therefore a fantastic achievement for such a young chef. He graduated from NSIA in 2012 with a Diploma in Professional Cookery (Level 5).

“NSIA provided me with great facilities for my training and studies. By far the greatest help was that they provided me with excellent tutors like Andrew McGregor and Olivier Schirm. Those guys gave me the motivation to grow in the industry with the right attitude.”

Shaun is from a small village in Delhi, India, and he completed his education in Dehli and Dehradun. On leaving school he completed a Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology before moving to New Zealand to study at NSIA, and ultimately find employment with Chikos restaurant.

“I am very thankful to my current boss, Chikos head chef and owner Roberto Manuel. Roberto is a great mentor and he has helped me by sharing his knowledge and creativity. He is always supportive and encourages me to enter competitions.”

With a love for food and an enthusiasm towards cooking, Shaun is right where he wants to be. In the future though he would like to travel to as many different countries as possible to gain knowledge about different cuisines and to further develop his unique cooking style. He has a lot of advice for students who are considering entering the industry.

“Do not to give up on challenges, respect your mentors and colleagues, carry a positive attitude, and create a happy and healthy working environment around you. Then you will create great food!”

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